Nobel Tea

The “Nobel Museum Tea Blend” caught my eye on the Nobel banquet program.


Söderblandning (Image Source: The Tea Centre of Stockholm)

There’s no official description but it’s been reported as a blend of Chinese Keemun and Indian Assam, flavoured with Italian bergamot, Swedish raspberries and orange. (Bergamot is the fruit used in Earl Grey tea). It is possible to buy the tea at the Nobel Museum shop but you’ll need to go in person as they don’t take orders by phone or email.

From what I’ve read, the Nobel Museum Tea Blend was created in collaboration with tea specialist Vernon Mauris of The Tea Centre of Stockholm.

Sweden are not heavy consumers of tea but seem to like blended and flavoured teas. In fact in 1979, the same Vernon Mauris created the popular Swedish tea called Söderblandning. In English it is known as the “blend of south Stockholm” but is also  known as “Swedish mistake tea”. Vernon is from Sri Lanka so it is not surprising that Söderblandning has a base of Ceylon blended with Chinese black tea. The ingredients of this blend, again, are not officially stated but it also includes flowers and citrus fruits. Cornflowers, marigold and red berries feature in variations of the popular Swedish tea.