There is probably no nicer cup of tea than the one that comes after a 10 mile hike. Over the next few weeks we plan to visit lots of national parks in the US so I thought it was high time to replace our current model which has been nicknamed the “radiator” because of the way it makes everything inside our rucksack nice and toasty!

Of course the most important flask feature was how well it keeps the heat but the other criteria were lightweight, with a capacity of at least 1.2l and a simple cap system that is easy to keep clean.

I looked at lots of reviews online but the gadget show has a good review video that involves measuring the temperature after the flask is left out in the cold for overnight (video here).

Thermos King Flask 1.2L

Thermos King Flask 1.2L (Source)

From their top 5, I like the look of the Thermos Everyday 100 but didn’t like the stopper system. The Thermos Floating flask would be good for sailing, fishing etc but I didn’t like the plastic outside. I really like the Stanley bolt couldn’t find it online to buy.  Their top choice, the Aladdin Challenger looked perfect with its double cup system but it only had a 1L capacity which, for two people, for a full day’s walking seems a little small.

After reading plenty of good reviews, I finally settled on the Thermos King 1.2L and snapped it up when it was on sale on Amazon for £15. So far it has been excellent and my only (very minor) quibble is the that the loose handle on the side is all metal and clangs against the side of the flask (also metal) everytime I touch it. It seems to retain the heat really well but a proper hike will be a better test than sitting on my desk! I’ll be back with a flask and travel report in 3 weeks!