Afternoon tea – Westin, Dublin

Tea at the Westin is set in the upstairs Atrium away from the hustle and bustle of the main lobby and entrance. The Atrium is is bright because of skylights but there are no windows and this adds to the sense of withdrawal from the busy streets of Dublin’s city centre. The calmness inside and well-spaced tables make it ideal for quiet get-togethers or meetings.

The tea list was extensive and confusing.  There are three pages of tea over two separate menus. The first menu had:

Black: Irish breakfast tea, Bohea Lapsang and Lychee Red Black tea

White: Jasmine Silver Needle White tea, Westin White tea blend

Green: Flowering Osmanthus Green

Yellow: Fire mountain Yellow

Tisanes: Peppermint, Rosebuds


Then there was a second tea menu with:

Black: Assam Breakfast, Early Grey, Darjeeling 2nd Flush

Green: Jade Green, Jasmine Green, Flowering Jasmine Peach Green

White: White peony

Tisanes: Mint, Chamomile, Blackcurrant and hibiscus


I wasn’t too sure what to make of it all. On the one hand I was impressed to see a Yellow tea on a hotel menu and there was an impressive selection of Black and Green tea. On the other hand have no idea what a Fire Mountain Yellow Tea is and there were two huge categories of tea missing: Oolong and Pu-erh.

Blooming Osmanthus Tea

Blooming Osmanthus Tea

I ordered the Jasmine Silver Needle White tea and was duly presented with the Flowering Osmanthus Green Tea! I was really happy for the mix-up. I just wish they had prepared it in front of me so I could see it beforehand and watch it “bloom”. Osmanthus flower can be dried and prepared on its own as a herbal tea but for flowering teas, green tea is handtied around the flower. It starts off as a small round ball and expands to reveal colourful flower when hot water is added. These teas are appreciated for their visual appeal rather than their taste and that held true in this case too.

Westin Afternoon TeaThe food on the other hand was very flavoursome. The sandwiches and scones (with clotted cream) were fresh and tasty but the fruit cake and pastries were outstanding. There was a chocolate cup of Irish whiskey cream, pistachio macaroon, lemon sponge cake,  red velvet cake and cheesecake with berries. They were all delicate and delicious.

Surprisingly, after about an hour I was told that the table was reserved and I would need to move to another table (there were plenty) or leave before 4:30pm.  I had finished eating and wasn’t in the mood for playing musical chairs so I left but was miffed that my relaxing afternoon  was turned into a clock-watching situation.

Afternoon tea at the Westin is €24 which is not bad for the city centre location, the relaxing setting and above-average pasteries. To avoid being rushed, it would be worth confirming at the booking stage that they do not need the table back.

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