Blog shortlisted

This weekend I’ve been popping open the Darjeeling  (the “champagne of tea”) because this blog has been shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland!

It was shortlisted under three categories including

Best Food/Drink Blog
Best Mobile Compatible Blog
GSM solutions

Looking at the quality of the other blogs that were nominated in these categories makes me realise what a compliment it is to be shortlisted.


Blog nomination

I’m late getting to the party. It looks like this blog was nominated for The Blog Awards Ireland a couple of weeks ago. It was nominated for:

 Glenisk Best Food/Drink Blog

GSM solutions Best Mobile Compatible Blog


Best Blog Post (for World Tea Expo recap)


My understanding is that the only category open for public voting is the Best Blog Post.

I’d be very much obliged if you could vote for Pouring Tea by going to this link. The key here is to search directly for the phrase “Pouring Tea” or “Tea Expo”. Try not to start reading the other nominations until after you have voted. Reading some of the other nominated posts will only lead to doubt and hesitancy about how to cast your vote ;-)