Ardgillan Castle – New Tearooms

Entrance Hall ArdgillanArdgillan TearoomsAh the lovely Ardgillan Castle. Usually more busy in summer than winter but that could be about to change with the recent rennovation of the castle tea rooms.

I had a quick peek today and the first word that came to mind was elegant. The second word was cosy.

Elegant and cosy – what could be more fitting for a tearoom in a small castle?

Ardgillan Fireplace Room



Ardgillan Demesne

I love the town where we live and one of the highlights is Ardgillan castle and its grounds. Mostly we just go for long walks around the perimeter of the park and enjoy the views of the sea and across to Skerries. Sometimes we stop by the walled kitchen garden for some serious garden-envy or visit the tearoom that is situated in the downstairs of the castle and opens into an outdoor terrace. Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. The grounds were blooming, the bees were buzzing and it was a great day for taking photos:

Ardgillan Sign

Ardgillan Castle

Fields in Ardgillan Walkway Ardgillan
Flower Garden Orange Flower

Busy Bee

Castle Side Tea Room Sign