The Tea Trail with Simon Reeve

We’ve had no television since a storm killed our satellite dish in late December. I didn’t miss it at all until I saw this clip from The Tea Trail that was shown on BBC last Sunday. I can’t even watch it online because BBC iPlayer is restricted to the UK so here’s hoping they repeat it once our satellite is back in action.


Update: I still haven’t seen the programme but a good summary of it was written here in Fortitude Magazine.

Downton Abbey – Spoof

I saw an advertisement last night for Season 4 of Downton Abbey. It reminded me of these spoofs that BBC did for comic relief a few years ago. Part two of the spoof (second video below) is based around tea but it makes more sense if you see part one first. Both of them definitely make more sense if you’ve seen Downton Abbey. Enjoy!


Tea Calendar

This is a quirky idea – a tea calendar where the days are made from tea leaves and each day can be detached and steeped in water to make tea. It was designed for a German tea company (Hälssen & Lyon) as a limited special edition. They say that the innovation will be followed by an extensive development period until the tea calendar is ready for market.

Tea Calendar Packaged

Tea Calendar

Tea Calendar Dates

Tea Calendar Infusing


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Tea furniture

I was writing an article on ideas for used tea leaves when I came across a company that has taken the recycling idea to a whole other level. ITO EN is a Tokyo-based soft drink manufacturer. Tea BenchThey generate 43,000 tons of used tea leaves as a byproduct of their manufacturing operation and strive to recycle those used leaves in innovative ways. This involves business cards, envelopes, pens and even shoe insoles. Their latest innovation is a tea bench that is made from an environmentally friendly synthetic resin made from used tea leaves. It is available by special order for $925 here.

Recycled Tea Products

Cat café

I’ve heard of these “cat cafés” in Japan and Korea. But it looks like they are in Europe now too. I’m not sure what the food safety authority would have to say about this.


Herbaria ad

This tea ad gives me the heebie-jeebies. It’s an ad for herbal teas and involves a zombie/grim-reaper/scary-clown being weighed down by tea bags to their watery grave. I’m not convinced it’s building an association of calmness and tranquility with the brand but up until last week, I’d never heard of Herbaria tea and now the Internet is buzzing with their ad and their name.