I’m running out of space!

For years now I’ve thought about starting this tea blog. I’ve spent so many sleepless nights (mentally) rummaging through the tea press looking for the perfect tea to start with. And yet, I’ve put this little project on a very long finger. I think the main reason for not getting started is that the more I drink and learn about tea, the more I realise how much there is to learn and how many more teas I have yet to drink. For years I have been waiting to have enough knowledge to get started but those goal posts seem to just keep moving.

So what happened to kick-start me? It’s not very exciting but the motivation has come from a lack of space. Tea is running a bit of a monopoly in the kitchen storage department. Apart from online, I buy tea pretty much wherever I go (and hubby does the same). Often, it’s not practical to buy a second time or I don’t like it enough so I save just a little bit at the end of the box so I can taste it again “when I start my blog”. The result is scrappy tasting notes and a lot of nearly-empty tea packages that are taking up way too much space. On top of that I’m pretty sure that some of them are loosing taste. I’ll talk more about that in another post but for today it’s great to have this tea-blog officially started.


Tea shelves in the kitchen

Some of the open tea shelves in the kitchen