Photos from Spain

My blog (and my tea drinking) have been badly neglected for the 10 days I was in Spain. Not a decent cup of tea the entire trip but it’s hard to bear a grudge in a such a beautiful country and there was plenty of good food and wine to make up for the lack of tea.

We started off the trip in Mérida, capital of the Roman province of Lusitania and renowned for some of the best preserved Roman sites in Spain.

Roman Theatre - Merida Acueducto de los Milagros - Merida
Goats - Spain

We met some goats on the road.

We couldn’t decide from the guidebook description if we had been to Trujillo before. We had, but didn’t regret the second visit. Then we continued on to another World Heritage site, Guadalupe.


View over Trujillo

Building Trujio


After that we spent some time on a farm in the Sierra de Andujar National Park….

Cat - Sierra de Andujar Horse - Sierra de Andujar
Sheep - Sierra de Andujar Goat vs Lamb

….where the horses eat Lavender for breakfast:

Horse & Lavendar

In Castilla–La Mancha, we stopped in the theatre-town of Almagro  and visited Don Quixote’s windmills.

Courtyard - Spain Plaza Mayor - Almagro

Don Quixote's windmills

And finally the trip finished in Cazorla National Park where the birds of prey seemed particularly eager to keep an eye on us.


Such a beautiful country – I’d happily give up tea for another 10 days to do the trip all over again.