Dolfin Earl Grey Chocolate

Earl Grey Chocolate

Dolfin Earl Grey Chocolate

I picked up this packet of Dolfin Earl Grey Chocolate in Belgium. Plenty of chocolatiers are making tea-flavoured chocolate but it’s still not that common to find here (apart from matcha Kit Kats!).

I’m definitely not an expert but buying chocolate in Belgium seemed like a safe bet. This is dark chocolate but only has 52% cocoa. On the positive side, the flavour of earl grey is subtle, it’s not overly sweet and the tea in the chocolate makes a natural crunch that is pleasant. The outer packaging is not bad either with its cute resealable envelope pouch. On the negative side, the chocolate is not smooth but grainy and doesn’t melt easily so I ended up chewing the chocolate. I found the quality of the chocolate too distracting to enjoy the taste and unusually (for me) the bar has been left untouched for several weeks. I think Earl Grey has the potential to go very well with dark chocolate but this Dolfin bar just didn’t pull it off.

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